Ready to book Beautiful?

Ready to book Beautiful?

Ready to book Beautiful?Ready to book Beautiful?Ready to book Beautiful?


Our mission at Beauty Bar by Whitney is to create a delightful retreat from the pressing worries of the modern world. Beauty Bar by Whitney is a full-service skincare and makeup salon in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. 

Whitney embodies her own signature version of diversity in the beauty industry. To Whitney, each guest is an individual, and each treatment is a highly personal affair. Whitney is constantly attuned, sensitive and responsive to your every need. 

From the initial consult to the finishing touch of powder, Whitney will provide a personalized experience that makes each guest feel special. Whitney's motivation is to make sure every guest leaves confident in their own skin!     


"There is no Beauty so great as Beauty shared".


Whitney Walker

Whitney Walker,  is the proud Owner of Beauty Bar by Whitney a full service skincare/makeup/body waxing/lash extensions and wig retail salon in the heart of downtown Fargo in the historical Delandracies Building. A 20+ year North Dakota native. Whitney has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years, starting with opening her first salon at age 21. Since opening her first salon, Whitney has always continued to educate herself by attending business building seminars, beauty workshops including training at IMATS (International Makeup Arts Trade Show), MS. North Dakota International Pageant (2018), Miss Teen North Dakota Pageant (2019), PCI Skin Care, Strictly Business, Alcone Makeup and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Whitney’s been trained and worked with several product lines including PCI, Skinceuticals, Dermalogica, and many more. 

“My passion for hair and beauty has brought me much success in the industry. Since opening the Beauty  Bar. I’ve opened operated numerous businesses in the region.”

My  interest in skin care began as a young woman with problem skin. I was a client in the skin care industry for many years before becoming an Esthetician. In order to know about me as a skin care therapist, I would like you to know a little bit about how I came to be an Esthetician. I’ll try to make this short, my attention to detail serves me well in my skin care business, but my “story” telling can get a little long sometimes (so I’m told).  

In my earlier years, I was busied with the task of building my career in the restaurant industry, initially, and later transitioning to restaurant management. I was always on the go, always looking to the next step up the workforce ladder, always working too many hours a week, barely enough time for family and friends, and never enough time for taking care of myself. Let alone, time to take care of my problem skin (facial hair). Who has time for that, I thought back then. I had been a waxing client for years but who has time for a facial. Then, I got my first facial and things started to change. Things that weren’t important before suddenly were. Things like my skin, my skin products and my time. I began getting regular facials and my skin improved. I asked lots of questions (apparently, too many sometimes as my esthetician would politely tell me when it was time to be quiet and just relax for the rest of the treatment). Over many treatments, I learned about my skin type, my skin condition and the type of products I needed to be using. I also learned that I could take an hour or so out of each month to do something for myself. Amazingly enough, everyone in my world, my family, the people that I worked for, and the people that worked for me, they all survived without me for a few hours each month. 

After many months of religious treatments and an air tight skin regimen, my skin was in a healthy condition and I had learned the art of relaxation. By then I was pretty much, shall we say, very enthusiastic about my “me-time” once every month. But more than that, I had really taken an interest in skin care. I wanted to know everything my esthetician knew and more.

I really liked my job at the time; and I was good at it, but, it didn’t enthuse me like skin care did. I wanted to help people with their skin the way estheticians had helped me over the years. It took me many years to decide to make the career change but I eventually did. I began taking care of people’s skin rather than their food and drink needs. Still to this day it feels so much more rewarding!

I’ve been an esthetician for 5 years now and I still have the enthusiasm I started with. There are not a lot of us that can say that we truly love what we do for a living. I can say that I truly look forward to working with my clients everyday and helping them feel good about themselves. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a treatment. Whether it’s waxing, a relaxing facial, or aggressively working on problem skin, I strive to provide a quality service and improve the health of your skin.

In addition to formal licensing school, I have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses. I’m always learning about the latest skin care products and techniques. I look forward to seeing you and your beautiful skin soon 💕.

Whitney Walker

Master Esthetician 

Beauty Bar by Whitney

624 Main Ave Suite 9 

Fargo, ND 58103



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whitney cares about her clients' happiness with her business during your appointment through your finished look!
Beauty Bar by Whitney is solely owned and operated.
You will ALWAYS receive Whitney results!

✨Beauty Bar by Whitney offers no REFUNDS only service or product exchange! Beauty Bar by Whitney also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone! 

Legends of Africa Skin Care

"Ghanian" All Natural Skin Care


Welcome to Legends of Africa! We handcraft all our products. You won't find mass manufactured products here or so-called "natural" products that don't make it through reading the label. At Legends of Africa we always use truly natural ingredients. Quality skin care products should provide nourishment for your skin like good organic food provides nourishment for your entire body.

When we say natural, we mean it! Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It is exposed to the harsh environment 24 hours a day seven days a week. Why add to this by applying products containing harsh synthetic chemical that are known irritants or carcinogens (yes cancer causing agents). While it is true we cannot avoid what is in the air surrounding us, we can control what we apply to our skin. At Legends of Africa we only use naturally sourced material to make our products. We sell in small quantities with a shelf life ensuring the integrity of our product.

"To your health" -Legends of Africa.

Active Ingredients: 100% Pure Unrefined Raw Shea Butter and 100% Pure Essential Oils.


Shea Butter


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Beauty Bar by Whitney thrives to create a positive, uplifting atmosphere that fulfills your want to keep coming back. A true beauty emporium located on the main floor of the Block 6 building in downtown Fargo on the corner of 7th & Main Avenue.  Walk-Ins are welcome and Whitney will always be available!! See you soon!

Beauty Bar by Whitney

624 Main Avenue Suite 9 Fargo, North Dakota 58103, United States

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Please keep in mind Tuesday and Thursday are the only days for Lash Extensions. Additionally fees do apply for booking outside those days. 

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